I always come back to these 5 linen pants from H&M

Once spring arrives, a shift takes place in my wardrobe, and as I put away my heavy wools and insulation layers, I’ve discovered that this change takes place in two different forms. One of them is fiction. As winter essentials take a back seat, the more seasonal fabrics come to the fore, from airy cotton to the most reliable material for the warmer months: linen. The composition positions linen as a key material as we head into warmer days, thanks to its naturally airy construction, which keeps the wearer cool in any form, from shirts to dresses to trousers.

The second hallmark of my wardrobe shift is a change in silhouette. From the structured form of winter, I’m ready to transition to more relaxed styles that embrace the laid-back nature of the coming months. And if there is one piece of clothing that embodies both lightweight textiles and design ease that spring calls for, it is the linen trousers. Luckily for us, H&M has a wide selection of linen trousers to suit all preferences, just in time for the change of season.

Woman in dressing room wearing black top, black pants

Florie carries Bespoke linen trousers from H&M (£55)

Every season has a key piece that defines it. Autumn claims knitwear, winter is all about a great coat and spring and summer share in the brilliance of linen trousers. It’s not just the airy composition that makes it suitable for the warmer months, but also the relaxed feel of linen, making it an understated addition to any outfit. Plus, the natural crease makes it a hassle-free item that doesn’t require ironing, which is always a plus in my opinion. H&M is true to the fact that style is personal, with a mix of wide leg, fitted and slimmer styles to meet the wearer’s individual needs. Plus, the styles are offered in a range of versatile neutrals, as well as some bold shades to make finding the pair for you even easier.